Contingent Workforce Solutions

As the use of contingent talent increases, so does the complexity of managing a contingent workforce program. Whether you are looking to reduce your hiring costs, expand your contract workforce or have a combination of needs, Aerotek can deliver the perfect solution.

Implementing a staffing solution can positively impact your bottom line by improving the performance of your workforce and reducing your overall cost per hire. Flexible staffing services help companies adjust to the cyclical nature of the economy and their business through the use of contract or temporary labour. Aerotek’s ability to understand how industry trends affect hiring helps us to create a staffing solution that accommodates your changing workforce needs.

A Unique Contingent Workforce Solution

Aerotek designs our programs to fit each company's unique needs. Our approach to building a unique solution is to understand your organization and identify how Aerotek can provide support. We develop a plan to effectively meet your workforce needs now and in the future, taking into consideration the current state of your industry. Aerotek's talented staffing professionals are trained and knowledgeable in the industries we staff. They accurately assess your needs and provide the right solution to ensure each employee is the perfect fit.

If your organization is looking to implement a streamlined solution to manage your contingent workforce, Aerotek's managed service provider (MSP) program may be the answer. With each customer, we develop a consultative partnership to consolidate suppliers, find top talent and deploy technology that will meet your company's goals.

How can we work together?

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