Welcome Aerotek Contract Employees

Aerotek expects outstanding work from our contract employees. In return we provide great career opportunities in addition to excellent benefits and rewards. Through Employee Advantage, our employee benefits and rewards program, we demonstrate appreciation for you and emphasize a true Employer-Employee partnership.

Join Aerotek's Health Benefits and Affinity Programs

Under Aerotek's current plan, contract employees working at least 32 hours a week are eligible for supplemental benefits to fill in the gaps left in your provincial plan*. Benefits coverage begins on the first of the month following our date of hire. You will be contacted by our vendor to enroll in the program and have 30 days to complete the application.

Eligible dependents include:

  • Your spouse who lives with you; and
  • Your unmarried natural, adopted, or stepchildren up to age 21 or age 25 if enrolled full-time in an accredited school.

If you and your spouse both work for Aerotek or its affiliated companies, each family member - you, your spouse and your eligible children - can be covered only once for medical and dental coverage. One of you can enroll in a plan and cover all eligible dependents, and the other can waive coverage. Or, you can both enroll separately, but only one of you can cover the dependent children.


  • You must be enrolled in a provincial plan to be eligible for supplemental insurance.
  • Due to requirements by the the Régie de l'assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ), we are unable to offer this supplemental program to anyone residing in the province of Quebec.

Benefits and affinity offers include:

Group Insurance Benefits (standard contractors - excluding Quebec)
  • Medical (including Vision)
  • Dental
  • Emergency Out of Country
Optional Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) (standard contractors)
  • Conveniently deducted off your weekly paycheque
  • Tax savings at source
  • Reduced fund management fees
Affinity Programs
  • TD & RBC Auto & Home Discounts
  • GM Discount Program & Chrysler Preferred Pricing
  • AVIS Rental Cars & Hotels Discounts
  • Perkopolis Discount Program

Benefits Questions

For more information about Aerotek's benefits and affinity programs contact your Aerotek representative or your local office.

Learn how to Submit your Hours

Our pay schedule runs from Sunday through Saturday. You will receive your pay cheque or direct deposit on a weekly basis every Friday. To ensure prompt payment, your hours must be approved by a client manager and submitted to Aerotek by 10:00 a.m. on the Monday following the prior workweek. Failure to submit approved hours by 10:00 a.m. on such Monday may result in a delay in payment of wages.

For questions about submitting hours, contact your local Aerotek office or representative.

Choose your Pay Option

We provide pay cheques by mail or direct deposit each week. Direct Deposit goes into effect one week after your start date. Your pay will be deposited in your bank account each Friday.

Your Aerotek representative can help you select and set up your preferred pay option.

Obtain your Online Pay Advice through Epayroll

Aerotek contract employees have the option to use our Online Pay Advice System through TALX ePayroll services. This system allows you to view, print and monitor your weekly pay advice online. To sign up, you must speak with the Customer Support Associate (CSA) in your local office. After you have signed up and received your passwords, you can access your pay advice at paperlesspay.talx.com/agcanada. Any contract employees that do not use the Online Pay Advice system will receive paper statements.

Employment Equity Act

As a partner to federal clients, Aerotek is working to comply with the criteria and guidelines of the Federal Contractors Program (FCP), as established by the Employment Equity Act. Aerotek provides equal opportunities to all applicants in employment matters strictly related to the ability of an applicant or a contractor. Aerotek is in the process of developing employment programs to enhance inclusiveness in areas of recruitment, retention and career development.

As a contract employee of Aerotek, please feel free to contact your Customer Support Associate or Recruiter regarding this effort. You may also contact our Employment Equity Committee at equitycommittee@aerotek.com.

Be Assured of a Safe Working Environment

The well-being of our contract employees is Aerotek's top priority. If you have a safety issue at your job site please follow these steps:

  • Report any injury or illness IMMEDIATELY to the Client supervisor and your Aerotek representative. If you are injured you must promptly complete the Workers' Compensation forms to insure your claim.
  • Report any unsafe condition or situation that you are untrained to handle to your Client supervisor or Aerotek representative.
  • If the safety issue is not immediately resolved, contact your Aerotek representative who will alert the Regional Health and Safety Manager to ensure the issue is resolved.

Contact Aerotek

If you have a question about your timecard, pay cheque, hours or schedule, please contact your local Aerotek office. See a list of our locations or call 1-888-AEROTEK to be connected to the Aerotek office nearest you.

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